Advantages of Laser Spine Surgery

Back pain is sometimes caused by pressure on one of the nerves. This is particularly true if the pain radiates down one or both legs. A ruptured disc often interrupts a nerve. Oftentimes, inflamed tendons, tumors, or bone spurs can irritate spinal nerves either outside or inside the spinal canal.  

If the reason for your back pain is pressure on a nerve, a medical professional might recommend laser spine surgery. However, is it worth it? 

The simple answer is yes. Before you hire a spine surgeon in Boca Raton, here are several advantages you should know about laser spine surgery.  

It is Less Traumatic 

Surgical procedures do not simply affect the area that needs the operation. Your whole body undergoes stress.  

On the other hand, laser spine surgery lowers trauma. You might even lose less blood during laser surgery than you would during open surgery.  

It has Fast Recovery 

Traditional spine surgery may need a couple of days in the hospital. On the other hand, you can return home the same day as your procedure with laser spine surgery.  

Instead of taking 4 to 6 weeks off from work and your regular activities, and around 12 months of recovery time, you slowly build up to a return-to-normal. A usual timeline is: 

  • Day 2: Start physical therapy and return to driving 
  • Day 14: Return to non-stressful work and easy activities 
  • Day 30 to 40: Slow return to regular activities 

Of course, you need to keep on performing your PT workouts to strengthen your core muscles and back. A robust core helps support your spine to stop further attacks of back pain.  

Do Not Require General Anesthesia 

Traditional surgery needs the patient to stay unconscious under general anesthesia for the whole procedure. Because of this, they are usually done in a hospital.  

On the other hand, laser spine surgery is typically done on an outpatient basis. Thus, you do not have to stay overnight.  

You will only require a local anesthetic to stop the pain with laser spine surgery. A medical professional can also give you a sedative to keep you anxiety-free and calm. This is particularly true if you’re anxious about the surgery.  

You will still be sleepy after the procedure. Because of this, you need to arrange for someone beforehand to drive you home.  

It Takes Less Time 

Since laser spine surgery typically needs just a single incision and does not involve cutting through muscle, the process itself is quicker compared to open surgery. Typically, it takes around 1 hour.  

However, recovery time and prep time for the operation add several hours to your total time in the facility.  

It Utilizes a Small Incision 

One of the biggest advantages of laser spine surgery is that it will only require a small cut. A medical professional will utilize unique tools to gently move aside your muscles.  

Then, the doctor will insert the laser in the incision together with a tiny camera that enables them to see the area.  

After the procedure, you will only have a small cut on your back.